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Caroline Lucas - Green Party MEP for South East England

My view is very clear - I am completely and utterly opposed to a new military base in the Czech Republic (or anywhere else, including the UK) as part of the US Missile Defense system.

The Greens in the European Parliament recently held a meeting with one of their Czech counterparts, and the vast majority of us made our position very plain.

We are currently working on a resolution of our Group. I am copying this to our adviser, Ernst Guelcher, so he can send it to you when it is ready.

Best wishes
Caroline Lucas

Jan Bojer Vindheim - Norwegian Green Party

The Norwegian Green Party has a basically antimilitarist position and is in favour of demilitarization. We firmly beleive that money spent for military piurposes is money diverted from better purposes.

We have also for many years been opposed to Norwegian membership of NATO and military cooperation with the United States. Our instinctive reaction would therefore be deeply sceptical towards increasing the NATO-presence also in your country.

WE also think the basic effects of the NMD-system will not be to decrease tension in Europe but to increase it.

However we would not like to interfere in the internal affairs of the Czech green party, as we are deeply convinced that each party must develop its own policies based on local knowledge and local traditions.

We shall seek further information about the development of the NATO /NMD plans in Czechia and Poland before presenting more definite comments.

Yours sincerely
Jan Bojer Vindheim
National spokesman
Trondheim, Norway

Dr Joseph Healy - Green Party of England & Wales

I am sending you the response of Caroline Lucas and the Green Group in the parliament, which she has already indicated to you in correspondence. I have also written on behalf of my party to the Czech Green Party pointing out our concerns about this and also stating that our party conference in September in Liverpool passed unanimously a motion condemning the stationing of the missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and asking the Czech Green Party to do everything possible to oppose them.

The position of the Green Party of England & Wales on this issue is clear – we are totally opposed to the remilitarisation of Europe and the increase in international and military tension which the construction of these bases will lead to. We support your campaign for these bases not to be built in your country or in Poland, or indeed in the UK.

Best Wishes
Dr Joseph Healy
International Coordinator
Green Party of England & Wales

Otto ter Haar - De Groenen

In the last EGP-meeting in Vienna the situation about the radar system in the Czech Republic has been discussed extensively. I discussed it among others with your MP Ondřej Liška. He said that it was 95% sure that there would not be a political decision before the next Council of the EGP. My intention is to bring a resolution to vote about this subject at the next council on 18-20 April in Ljubjana. Before the EGP working group on foreign policy is expected to meet.

At the moment, as I understood, the position of the Czech Greens is that a decision about the radar base should be in compliance with NATO-policy and EU foreign and defense policy.

With best regards,
Otto ter Haar
EGP delegate De Groenen

Keith Locke - Green Party New Zeland

We are not informed on the detail of the specifics of the NMD system in the Czech republic.

However, we have always opposed the US National Missile Defence system, in general, as an excalation of the international arms race.

Keith Locke MP
Green Party New Zeland

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