Svět bez válek a násilí

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Na činnost hnutí Nenásilí navazuje mezinárodní humanistická organizace Svět bez válek a násilí.
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The Invisibles against US missile defense

About us

We are women and men who don’t want to remain passive in front of the more and more brutal violence of the ones who run the power and  threaten the present and future of us all. Change is possible, but all the positive people must converge in common actions, maintaining the differences that enrich the whole.

We have found inspiration in the great ideals and guides of nonviolence, examples that should be studied, expanded and put into practice. With this spirit in 2007 we have set in motion the campaign Europe for peace, for an Europe free from nuclear weapons and today we launch this on-line petition against the installation of a U.S. radar base in Czech Republic, a dangerous project that has already increased the international tensions and unleashed a new arms race. 

We recognize ourselves in the New Humanism Manifesto: Humanists seek not a uniform world but a world of multiplicity: diverse in ethnicity, languages and customs; diverse in local and regional autonomy; diverse in ideas and aspirations; diverse in beliefs, whether atheist or religious; diverse in occupations and in creativity.

Humanists do not want masters, they have no fondness for authority figures or bosses. Nor do they see themselves as representatives or bosses of anyone else”. 

To carry on this project we need your help. 

Anna, Honza, Gerardo, Tony, Rafael, Jana, Dana, Jan, Ivona, Giovanna, Isabel, Esther...

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