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Lights above Prague celebrated the launch of the World March

5.10.2009 - The World March

800 people gathered at Vltava river bank in Prague to celebrate the International Day of Nonviolence and the launch of the World March.

Participants of the event called “Light the Future” wrote their best wishes on hundreds of Thai lanterns which later rose up to the sky. The beautiful World March song “Rainbow”, performed live by Jan Vlasak, added a perfect background to this special moment, as well as the Prague Castle on the horizon.

The event also sent a good wish to an African country Guinea-Conakry, which has recently experienced violent riots.

Despite a very cold weather everybody seemed to enjoy the event very much. The lanterns also took attention of many passers-by. Many participants supported the World March by buying shirts and budges. At the end of the event, there was an amazing fire-show performance.

Late at night, one of the WM coordinators, Tana Bednarova, was invited for one hour long live interview to the Czech Public Radio’s First Channel where she had a chance to speak about the March, the Nonviolence Day and the riots in Guinea.

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